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The Travel Speak - Featured Traveler – Emily Anastasia
The Travel Speak's Featured Traveler : Emily Anastasia In this post we will get to know a young adventurous London girl who quit her full time job to travel the world. Even managed to convince her boyfriend to do the same with her! You can follow her on her awesome Instagram profile and her vibrant twitter feed. She blogs about her travel...
If you’re planning a trip to backpack through Southeast Asia, then backpacking in Cambodia has to be on your itinerary. It has gorgeous beaches, mythical mountains and epic temples. This country is so beautiful and has so much to offer. A recent survey of backpackers revealed that almost all of them would recommend backpacking in Cambodia. List of must visit places...
The Travel Speak - Places To Visit In Thailand
When you wake up in Thailand, the day’s adventures are never predictable.  You will be in constant awe of the beautiful landscapes and people.  I would suggest giving yourself an ample amount of time to really experience everything Thailand has to offer.  For all of you readers with only 2 weeks of vacation time, I want you to know...
The Travel Speak - Reasons to Visit Bali
Planning a trip this summer? Still deciding on where to go? If you haven't been to Bali. Think no more. You should definitely consider traveling to Bali. There are many reasons to visit Bali. From hill stations to beaches, from romantic sunsets to lovely landscapes, Bali has it all. Reasons to visit Bali Tripadvisor has ranked Bali as number 1 among 25 world's...


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