The Travel Speak’s Featured Travelers : Daniel and Emily

Daniel & Emily share their passion for travel with us in our series of inspiring traveler stories. They are from San Francisco Bay Area, the silicon valley! But they have made the world as their home, traveling since last 4 years.

You can follow this lovely couple and their travels on their Instagram profile. You can also checkout their happening travel blog.

Here they are sharing their travel story.

Daniel and Emily’s Travel Story (unedited)

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 The Travel Speak - Featured Traveler Couple Story - Daniel and Emily - Introduction

Hello World!

I’m DT, she’s Emily, we’re a thing.  In 2013 we got married and the following year we started traveling the world!  Let me explain…

We’re both from Northern California.  Emily is a teacher and I was working technology sales in Silicon Valley.

Life was good in the San Francisco Bay Area, but we, like many, had that itch to do more. We wanted an adventure. We wanted to travel!

In 2014, my wife landed a job in Germany to teach English on a military base.  All of a sudden, #taylormadetotravel was born!  We said, “Ok, we’ll only do two years.  We’ll see a TON of Europe, learn the language, and then come back home.”

40 countries and 4 years later we’re kinda still here and it’s looking tougher and tougher to give it all up.

For example, let me tell you about a recent trip we took to Croatia.

Back story: Since we’ve been living in Germany, I decided to start working at the same school as my wife so that we could share the same school calendar.  It would make no sense for us to move to Europe for only “2 years” if I have a job that only allows me a couple weeks of travel a year.

I’m all about that teacher schedule now.

Thanksgiving, Christmas/NYE, Spring Break, ALL SUMMER, with a handful of 3 day American holiday weekends… Yes please.

So the anticipation of the year is summer time when our best friends Brendan & Kelli come out to visit us.  WE GO HARD!  This time we “casually” stayed in a gorgeous villa with our own private pool in Šibenik (Thank you credit card reward points).  Croatia is known for its many tropical islands off the coast, so that’s where we headed. But first, how bout them waterfalls??!!  Wow.  Put Krka Waterfalls on your bucket list.  So majestic.  I would highly recommend wearing water socks/sandals so that you’re not stepping on rocks barefoot.  That’s just annoying and painful for your feet, not cool.

The locals told us that Zlatni Rat beach on Brač island is the best beach in the country, so we had to see what the hype was all about.  We left out of Split and arrived a short hour later… BEAU-TI-FUL!!!  The hype was real, there were DJ’s, beach bars, and plenty of space to lounge.

Apparently it was also a good place to take “important” business calls, cuz that’s what Brendan did while the girls and I played 😉  Not going to lie though… For me, the only thing missing on most of Croatia’s beaches is SAND!!  I’m not a huge fan of rocky pebble beaches, so I want to throw that out there so you’re not surprised (water socks endorsement again).  We finished that relaxing day with a balcony dinner in Split.  Later on this trip were outdoor movies in the city streets, wild boat excursions, and of course, glow in the dark parties back at the villa 🙂


Honorable mention award goes to Mostar, Bosnia.  Since we stayed so close to the border, we decided to take a day trip to Bosnia.  Mostar was a cool city with one main attraction.  The blue speedo bridge jumpers!  Pretty nuts to watch them jump off the bridge while eating lunch in the local area.  BTW, I would highly recommend eating Ćevapi if your travel stumbles you to Mostar.

Places Visited

Since 2014, Emily and I have been fortunate enough to visit 40 different countries throughout mostly Europe, but also Africa, and Asia.  We’re having so much fun, we decided to blog and video diary it all at

  1. Albania
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  5. Bulgaria
  6. Croatia
  7. Czech Republic
  8. Denmark
  9. Estonia
  10. Finland
  11. France
  12. Germany
  13. Greece
  14. Hungary
  15. Iceland
  16. Ireland
  17. Israel
  18. Italy
  19. Latvia
  20. Liechtenstein
  21. Luxembourg
  22. Malta
  23. Monaco
  24. Montenegro
  25. Morocco
  26. Netherlands
  27. Norway
  28. Palestine
  29. Poland
  30. Portugal
  31. Romania
  32. Russia
  33. Slovakia
  34. Slovenia
  35. Spain
  36. Sweden
  37. Switzerland
  38. Turkey
  39. United Kingdom
  40. Vatican City

Favorite Destination & Tips

Our favorite destination is so hard to say.  Every place we’ve visited has its own unique treasures, but my all-time favorite country is Spain while Emily’s is Italy.

If I had to give one tip about European travel I would say there are three places you MUST go to before you die:

1) Inside, outside, on top of, and below the Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona, Spain.

2) If you’ve ever wondered what Mars looks like, rent a car and go drive around Iceland.

3) Every Saturday night from June to September, the Palace of Versailles in France has a fountain night show in the garden with bubbles, statues, lasers, flames to music, and fireworks.  It’s easily the most captivating thing I’ve ever seen (besides my wife).  Go right before the sun comes down.

And… It’s not every day you run into a tree full of goats 😀

The Travel Speak – Featured Traveler Couple Story – Daniel and Emily – Goats on Tree!

~ Daniel & Emily

Daniel and Emily’s Favorite Travel Quote:

Our favorite travel quote comes from Trevor Noah, who said, “Travel is the antidote to ignorance.”

The Travel Speak - Travel Quote - Travel is the antidote to ignorance.
The Travel Speak – Travel Quote – Travel is the antidote to ignorance.

Editor’s Note

As Daniel & Emily’s favorite quote says, travel indeed helps you to broaden your perspectives about various cultures around the world. All of us wish to make memories all over the world, but not all of us are able to make our wishes true. Hope this story from Daniel & Emily inspires you to act and make your wishes of world travel a reality.

Thank you Daniel & Emily for sharing your travel story with us. We wish you both all the best and many more memories all over the world. Keep traveling and sharing your stories with us.

Be good. Do good. Travel more.

Happy travels.


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