Paris is a land of fashion and art. Architectural heritage, amazing nightlife, scenic corners, haute contours, and its cultural richness make Paris one of the most visited and photographed city in the world. There are so many things to do Paris. There is so much to see and experience in this lovely city with amazing history. Here we bring a comprehensive list of the top exciting experiences and things to do in Paris!

21 Ultimate Things to Do in Paris – The Romantic Capital of The World

Paris is Always a Good Idea – Audrey Hepburn

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Below are our favorite things to do in Paris, which you should not miss. You can easily cover all these on a 5-7 day trip to Paris.

1Spend a romantic evening on Seine River cruise

The Travel Speak – Things to do in Paris – Seine River Romantic Cruise

This is one of the top things to do in the city of love. Seine river flows through the heart of the city, and sunset cruise is the perfect way to watch the amazingly lit Paris. Often along with this cruise, you can also cover most of the famous architectures in the city, Eiffel tower, Louvre Museum and Notre Dame Cathedral. Soak yourself in the French beauty with your love.

2Enjoy midnight light show on Eiffel Tower

A trip to Paris without visiting Eiffel tower, the tallest structure in Paris, is impossible! Go to the topmost floor of Eiffel tower and enjoy the eagle eye view of the whole city. You can find restaurant on second floor. While you can take the Eiffel trip anytime of the day, around 9PM is the best time (in summer). As it will help you see the city from the top during sunset(dusk) and also you can enjoy the midnight blitzkrieg. At the stroke of midnight, Eiffel tower starts glittering. Although the gates will be closed, you can enjoy this view from outside. This is one of the top things to do which should not be missed.

3Admire the amazing art in Louvre Museum

The Travel Speak – Things to do in Paris – Louvre Museum

Louvre is the largest art museum in the world. Some of the world’s most popular arts are housed here: The Mona Lisa, The Venus de Milo and The Winged Victory are all part of this famous museum. Apart from these, I am sure you will find your own favorite. You should budget at least a half day for this. If you are an art lover then you may as well keep a full day just for Louvre Museum.

4Visit Notre Dam

The Travel Speak – Things to do in Paris – Notre Dame

This gothic Cathedral is the heart of the city and famous for its architecture. Glass painting on windows, ultimate designer ceiling are few highlights. The breathtaking view of the city from the south tower is an unforgettable experience. You can club this with your trip to Louvre, as, if the queues aren’t long you may need to budget just 2 hours for this. We were lucky and could get in within 10 minute. Remember to maintain a pin drop silence inside the cathedral.

5Enjoy night show in Moulin Rouge

The Travel Speak – Things to do in Paris – Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge is world famous for its fantastic cabaret shows and a fantastic jewel of Paris night life. It is located close to Montmartre. There are various shows available which involves showgirls, dancers, chorus singers and musicians thematically choreographed to entertain the audience. Its bizarre sets will amaze you to the core. Well, I would like to say “Get Naughty!”, after all you are in Paris 😉

6Enjoy a breathtaking view of the city from Sacré-Cœur

The Travel Speak – Things to do in Paris – Sacre Couer

Sacré-Cœur Basilica is located on Montmartre hill, the highest point of Paris. You can see a 360 degree breathtaking view of the city. The highest point of Sacré-Cœur Basilica is taller than Eiffel tower. If you are lucky, you can see some local talents’ performance there in evening (mostly in summer).

7Visit ultimate cafes around the city


Paris streets are filled with the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans. You can spot some ultimate cafes around the city. Enjoy your evening(or morning) with freshly brewed coffee and freshly baked thin crust Pizza (My Favourite 🙂 ). Don’t miss it!

8Get lost at the massive Palace of Versailles

The Travel Speak – Things to do in Paris – Palace of Versailles

This palace was built in 17th century by Louis XIV and perfect example of French architecture. Its garden is humongous and is covering the area of 800 hectares! This garden consists of 5.5km of grand canal and 50 fountains which enhances its beauty. This is a must visit place, highly recommended. We loved it. You should budget one full day for this, as it is approximately 45 min drive from the city. We could not cover the entire garden!

9Drive into vineyard for wine

The Travel Speak – Things to do in Paris – Vineyards

A trip to Paris is incomplete without a visit to winery. , especially if you are a wine lover. You can drive to the French countryside and discover complex methods of wine making and indulge yourself in some wine tasting. Take a walk in vineyard and taste some fabulous wine along with cheese.

10Take a stroll at Luxembourg garden

The Travel Speak – Things to do in Paris -Luxembourg Garden

Jardin du Luxembourg is the largest green space in the city. This lush green garden has ponds, fountain and flower beds. Take out some time from the busy city and spend some time on this well-manicured garden. You can also take some great photos here.

11Get amazed with the beauty of majestic Palais Garnier

The Travel Speak – Things to do in Paris – Palais Garnier

Palais Garnier was built in late 19th century for Paris opera and Ballet. The Chandelier in the auditorium weighs 7 tonnes! Its grand and glitzy interior will mesmerize you. Book an opera show and enjoy a romantic evening with your partner.

12Spend your day shopping

The Travel Speak – Things to do in Paris – Marche Aux Puces De Saint-Ouen

This is one of the most common things to do in Paris 🙂 Paris is one of the best place to shop for luxurious brands from showrooms to fancy boutiques. Marche Aux Puces De Saint-Ouen is Europe’s largest flea market. Various discounts are also available during shopping festivals. Go shopping!

13Get crazy in Disneyland Paris

The Travel Speak – Things to do in Paris – Disneyland Paris

From children to adult, we all love Disneyland. Disneyland, Paris, has two parks: Disneyland park and Walt Disney Studio Park. Tickets are available for both the parks separately. You can also stay in the adjacent Disney themed hotel. These parks will take minimum 1 day to cover all. So, choose your park wisely and enjoy every moment of it. Don’t miss the Disney parade and the light show. These are two of the top experiences in Disneyland, Paris. Check the timings for both these before you go and plan accordingly. Budget at least one entire day for a trip to Disneyland. Also be prepared to return late, say by around 10PM. We enjoyed our day and highly recommend it.

14Take a walk to the creepy corridors of Catacombs of Paris

The Travel Speak – Things to do in Paris – Catacombs of Paris

Where else will you find the graves as tourist attraction, unless it is Paris. These Catacombs were built in 18th century to overcome the space crunch and now its a tourist attraction. Its corridor was built with the structure of bones and skulls which shows the purpose very wisely. You can explore only up to 2kms of the tunnel which is open to public. This one is definitely not for the faint hearted. Be ready for a creepy walk! Would you do this? Do let us know in comments.

15Admire art in Rodin Museum

The Travel Speak – Things to do in Paris – Museum Rodin

This Museum is dedicated to Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. Although it’s not the largest Museum for Picasso’s work but it has some beautiful collections. The largest one is in Barcelona. There are almost 5000 pieces consisting of paintings, sculptures, ceramics and drawings created by the renowned painter in his lifetime. If you are fan of art then do keep this in your list of things to do in Paris.

16Magical walk on La Promenade Plantee

The Travel Speak – Things to do in Paris – La Promenade Plantee

La Promenade Plantee is created in 1988 and its first elevated park in the world. This 4.5 km of pathway is full of plants and flowers. It has a separate path way for cycle. You will catch a beautiful view of the city and its buildings while walking. Weekdays are recommended for walk as weekends are generally crowded.

17Look for a fashion show at Galeries Lafayette

The Travel Speak – Things to do in Paris – Shopping

Being in Paris, a fashion city, you can get all exclusive and luxurious lifestyle brands. Galeries Lafayette is the place to shop for all major luxurious brands. Apart from its grand interior, you can catch a glimpse of the latest fashion in a fashion show every Friday from 3PM. Don’t miss it! Plan for it.

18Explore Père Lachaise cemetery

The Travel Speak – Things to do in Paris – Père Lachaise cemetery

This cemetery is the World’s most visited cemetery. Most famous people are buried here. You can find the sculptures on graves. Check your(and your group’s) interest before adding this to your list of things to do in Paris. We skipped it but two other couples traveling with us went for it and had good things to say about it.

19Explore Le Marais

The Travel Speak – Things to do in Paris – Le Marais

A visit to this district is a lovely way of capturing old Paris – with beautiful architecture, boutiques, restaurants, cafes and parks. Don’t miss it if you are planning for at least a 7-day trip to Paris.

20Get impressed by art in Musée D’Orsay

The Travel Speak – Things to do in Paris – Musée D’Orsay

This museum is housed in a former railway station and is located on the left bank of Seine river. You can find some nice collection of painting, sculpture, photography and furniture. Although Louvre steals all the limelight, some tourists enjoy this museum more. Go to this museum and let us know(in comments) which one you liked better!

21Discover classic French cuisine

The Travel Speak – Things to do in Paris – French Cuisine

If you are foodie, Paris is the place to be. Start your day with classic butter croissant with hot cup of coffee. Try some typical classical French three course meal with a glass of wine and assorted cheese for lunch and end your meal with macrons.

Paris is one destination which is perhaps a common entry in the travel bucket list for almost all the travelers worldwide. There are so many amazing things to do in Paris. Even after multiple trips to Paris, we are yet to cover all the great experiences the city of light has to offer. We hope that, the above list of top things to do, helps you in planning your itinerary for your most awaited trip to Paris.

Happy travels 🙂

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What are your favorite things to do in Paris? Any experience you would want us to add to this list? Drop us a message in the comments below!


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