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The Travel Speak - Featured Traveler - Sophie Bellamy
The Travel Speak's Featured Traveler : Sophie Bellamy In this post we will get to know about the travel story of a girl who has left her job for a year long trip to South America. She says that four weeks of annual leave weren't enough for her, so she left her job and embarked to satisfy her wanderlust. You can...
If you’re planning a trip to backpack through Southeast Asia, then backpacking in Cambodia has to be on your itinerary. It has gorgeous beaches, mythical mountains and epic temples. This country is so beautiful and has so much to offer. A recent survey of backpackers revealed that almost all of them would recommend backpacking in Cambodia. List of must visit places...
The Travel Speak - Tips for Traveling solo for the first time
Traveling solo all by yourself is an amazing experience and I highly recommend it to everyone. While learning about and seeing the world around you, you also learn heaps about yourself. You don’t discover how capable you are until you are traveling alone with only yourself to depend on. It is incredibly empowering. I wanted to share some tips...
The Travel Speak - Places To Visit In Thailand
When you wake up in Thailand, the day’s adventures are never predictable.  You will be in constant awe of the beautiful landscapes and people.  I would suggest giving yourself an ample amount of time to really experience everything Thailand has to offer.  For all of you readers with only 2 weeks of vacation time, I want you to know...


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