Travel Light – 18 Things You Don’t Need in Your Travel Kit


“What should I pack?” This question comes to our mind every time we plan to travel. We want to pack all the stuff we think we’d need while traveling but in reality, we actually never use them. During our trip, we realize that we packed more than what we needed in our travel kit. Overpacking not only cost extra space but you also have to carry it all the way with you which can be exhausting. And we all know that how great it is to travel light.

Whether you are a solo traveler, a travel couple or a family who travels, you are going to be better off traveling with as less luggage as possible. Everyone talks about what you should pack before traveling, but today I’m going to mention 18 things which you can leave and not pack in your travel kit.

What not to pack in your travel kit and travel light


You are not going to wear all that heavy jewelry in your trip. There is also a fear of losing these valuables. Can you imagine losing your expensive diamond ring during your trip? It’s better to leave these things at home and not pack into your travel kit. It’s not only going to free your packing space but will also make you feel secure during your trip.


The Travel Speak – What not to pack in your travel kit – Toiletries

Shampoo, soap, conditioner, body wash or paste; you don’t need to carry all these heavy items with you as you can get them from everywhere. If it’s too much necessary, then you can pack the travel size of these things and buy new once they are finished. This way you’ll be able to pack other necessary stuff in your travel kit instead of heavy stuff.


We all know that we can get a pillow in the plane and obviously in the hotels too. You have to carry your pillow with you all the time and it does take too much space in your travel kit. Why not leave it at home when you can get the pillow from everywhere for free during your trip?

4Clothes for Each Day

The Travel Speak – What not to pack in your travel kit – Clothes for Each Day

Some of us love to pack new outfit for each day as we don’t want to repeat our clothes especially females. Well, it can cost you heavy baggage which will be too hard to carry. I suggest you to leave some clothes home and if you like, you can buy more from the place you are traveling to.

5Excessive Makeup

Some females carry heavy makeup bags which contains too many unnecessary things which they never use. I suggest you to carry the items which you really need. Rest, leave it home and it will save you a lot of space.

6Unnecessary Gadgets

The Travel Speak – What not to pack in your travel kit – Unnecessary Gadgets

Cameras, iPods, tablets, laptops etc.; these things are very handy but these take a lot of space and there is safety concern too. You can enjoy your trip with one camera and leave laptop if you are not going to use it much. If you are carrying your phone with you, then there won’t be much need of tablet or iPod as your phone is going to perform all the main tasks for you. So, leave the unnecessary gadgets home and lighten your travel kit.

7Uncomfortable Shoes

You don’t really need all those fancy shoes which you think will look good with your clothes. Being a tourist, one has to walk a lot and also use public transport. Instead of packing too many shoes, get a few shoes in which you feel comfortable and they are easy to wear for any kind of adventure. Don’t make your travel kit heavy with unnecessary and uncomfortable shoes.


The Travel Speak – What not to pack in your travel kit – Food

Some people have this habit of packing lots of snacks or other food items with their baggage. Do you really think you are going to eat them all? If you are traveling to a new place, why not try to eat their food as it will be completely different and exciting. You can also buy snacks all over the world. There is no need to put them in your travel kit.


Carrying a big towel doesn’t make any sense since you are going to get them everywhere you plan to stay. If you think you really need to carry a towel, then pack a small one which will take less space in your travel kit.

10Big Bottles of Perfume

Instead of carrying full bottles of your favorite perfume and mists, carry travel size perfumes or no more than 30 ml which are far easier to carry. This way you can save make your travel kit lighter and easier to carry.


The Travel Speak – What not to pack in your travel kit – Denims

You can get away with one jeans easily as they don’t get dirty that quick. Instead of packing too many jeans, carry one or two which you are going to wear a lot and save some space in your travel kit.


Wherever you are going, you’ll get guidebooks from there easily. Save yourself from hassle and don’t pack guidebooks in your travel kit.

13Extra Undergarments and Socks

The Travel Speak – What not to pack in your travel kit – Extra Undergarments and Socks

Most people pack too many pairs of socks and unnecessary undergarments. Save some space in your travel kit by limiting the number of your undergarments and socks. You can take a few pairs and wash them after every few days.

14Big Headphones

You don’t need to carry your big headphones with you if you can get away with your mini earphones. Their sound quality is as good as the big ones. Instead of stuffing your travel kit with unnecessary stuff, try to keep the things which you think you’ll really need.


You don’t have to travel heavy detergent powder to wash your clothes. You can always buy the small pack of detergent from anywhere easily.

16Hairstyling Tools and Products

The Travel Speak – What not to pack in your travel kit – Hairstyling Tools and Products

Leave your heavy hairstyling tools at home as most the hotels provide hair dryer and some of them provide straighteners too. Confirm with your hotel in advance and avoid packing your hair tools and heavy hair products with you.

17Extra Books

One book will be more than enough. Instead of packing a number of books with hard cover, pack one or two light weight books which you are really going to read. Don’t stuff your travel kit with the books you are not going to read at all.

18Things which you can buy there

We all make a long list of stuff we want to buy from the country we are traveling too. For example, if you are going to USA, you may want to buy cheap branded stuff from factory outlets. It is recommended to not pack the stuff which you can easily get from anywhere else. This way, you’ll not only save much space in your travel kit, but it will also become lighter for you to carry.

Traveling light is always recommended. Hope the above list helps you in ensuring that your travel kit is feather weight.

Happy travels.


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